Anjali & Associates specializes in developing Leadership Blueprints where strategic planning and priorities are magnetized with a resilient growth mindset.

In a world that is structured for distractions and low self-esteem, to be a conscious creator you must live in alignment with your internal desires and dreams and structure your actions with regards to business around the lifestyle you desire.  Success, as it is defined today, inevitably leads to limitations and burnout.

Geeta Anjali empowers leaders and business owners locally and globally to transform thinking, action, and results that have a positive impact on emotional-wellness, self-esteem, and exceeds expectations.

Our Mission is to amplify self-confidence, accelerate results for our clients both personally and professionally.
Geeta Anjali Trikha

Meet Geeta!

Geeta Anjali Trikha is founding CEO of Anjali & Associates, a rapidly growing and highly sought-after international consulting and training firm. Geeta empowers business leaders globally in their personal effectiveness, emotional wellness, and to exceed beyond their expectations; She does this by raising their level of awareness and aligning their dreams to personal values that are in harmony with the natural laws of the universe.

Geeta Anjali is a graduate of Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University and is a current active member of the Stillman School of Business Leadership Advisory Council, and a single mom raising an amazing 13-year-old young man.

Geeta's Purpose: To be MY own Hero, create a quantum leap, and guide others to do the same! 


................ Shifting to a resilient mindset is the springboard to growing your business results in a way that’s healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable.

Your DREAMS... into REALITY. 


Choose the course that best matches your desires for creating a new present reality and future outcomes for your journey!

Lead the Field.


Supercharge your quarterly goals with this self-paced course designed to transform your approach to leadership.

Manifestation Accelerator.


A step-by-step guide with coaching to set a foundation to reliably bring year-over-year results in your business and life.

CEO Voyage.


A boutique 
program with one-on-one coaching personalized to create quantum results in your business, and all areas of your life.

Which is best?

Let's explore the options to see what a resilient mindset + becoming unstoppable would mean for you.

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